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Coral's Closet

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If you haven't been in the shop for awhile you might have missed out on the new addition...Coral's Closet. That's right, Coral is finally ready to let go of some her treasured pieces. After months of contemplating doing a yard sale we finally realized how ridiculous it would be to wake up at 6am on a Saturday and turn our driveway into a wheelin' and dealin' hotspot when we have this awesome venue to sell her clothes in. And bonus, we're already at Viva Paso everyday so we get to continue sleeping in on the weekend. Here are just a couple of things from the rack we think you'll like. 

Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Yes, please. 

Totally Unimpressed. 

There is a lot more where these came from and at the time of this posting these are the only Coral's Closet items on our site. For more info or to order online simply click the photos or just click one of these: Brad Pitt, Totally Unimpressed.

Just so you know, we have no plans to turn Viva into a used clothing store and will not be taking on any consignment clothes. This is just a little experiment we came up with to avoid having a yard sale and so far people have really been into it. We literally have bins of clothes waiting for their BIG day when they get a spot on the rack, so as pieces sell we're able to add a few more. 

Hopefully, you have a chance to come by the shop and check out what's new on the rack this week.

See you soon!
- Viva

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