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The Coziest Sheepskins Have Arrived!

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Yes, these are beautiful hides - but here’s what we really want you to know... before opening this shop, we spent over a year researching, sampling, and learning about the sheepskin industry. We discovered many companies near and far - offering hides of varying prices, quality, and ranching practices.

We were after a diamond in the rough. We wanted fair pricing, the highest possible quality, consistency, and practices I could feel good about supporting. Just when we were ready to give up on this category in our shop, we found a brand whose priorities matched our own.

We have never come across a better quality hide in our life (and we're always on the lookout), or a better price for this level of luxury product. But what we're most proud of, is the fact that our partners in Australia raise their sheep with sincere care, and humane practices. They prioritize ethical and ecologically-sound ranching, and have developed a method of producing something beautiful out of what would otherwise be a bi-product of the meat industry.

Animal agriculture is not something we take lightly, or feel removed from. We want to feel good about what we provide, and we want you to feel confident knowing that significant research and care has gone into bringing you these products. Our heirloom quality hides are of the highest possible standard - to be APPRECIATED, enjoyed, and passed down. 🤎

We love these sheepskins and we hope you love them too! If you'd like to see these in person they are available in our shop at 1211 Pine St. in downtown Paso Robles, CA. Our hours are 10:30am - 4pm. All of these are also available online, click here to take a look or to place an order.  As a little reminder, we now offer interest-free payments via Afterpay.✨ You'll see a prompt during checkout if you'd like to use the Afterpay service. 

Thanks so much for visiting our site!
- Viva Paso

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