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We launched our YouTube channel on June 11 and have actually posted, on average, one video a week since we launched. I'm no mathematician, but that means we've posted 5 videos. It's hard to comprehend that we've actually posted 5 already. If you've ever sat down in front of a computer to edit a video than you can probably appreciate how much work goes into even a simple video. Anyway, we are having fun making them and hope you are enjoying watching them. 

When we first started the channel we posted about it here in the blog, but in case you've missed all the videos since that inaugural post here is a quick re-cap.

Our second video is Coral dropping some knowledge on how she propagates plants right in our shop using test tubes. This video is actually what inspired us to start the channel in the first place. Coral shot the whole 18 minute video on her phone in portrait mode because it was intended to be an Instagram story. For those not in the know, an IG story is 15 seconds long. If Coral would have posted this in our IG story that would have been at least a gazillion clips for people to watch. We'd probably get hate mail for it. At the very least, some slashed tires or a brick through our window. As you can see, once you get her started on plants she can, and will, talk all day. If you'd like to see the whole video, please click here

For our third video we went behind the scenes to show you how Jeff makes some of the Viva Paso merch. That's sort of a lie though because he doesn't go "behind" anything. He makes it all right on the front counter and if you come into the shop you might catch him there in action. If you never manage to catch him in person you can always just check out the video instead. 

Ok, ok...we took a bit of a shortcut for our fourth video and posted something Coral made awhile back. Making brand new content every week can be a bit tough. Anyway, this is a very quick video Coral made to showcase the Marvis products we have available in the shop. Once you go Marvis you never go back. 

That's it for now. We hope you have a chance to check out the videos. The channel will be a constant work in progress as it evolves over time, but that's a good thing and we're looking forward to seeing how it grows and changes. We already have a lot of plans for future videos, but if there is anything you'd like us to cover in a video please let us know. 


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