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Our First Book Talk Video! Down And Out In Paris And London By George Orwell

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We are proud book nerds and have wanted to start a series of "book talks" for awhile. This is our first one and you can watch it right here. "Down And Out In Paris And London" is one of Coral's most favorite books and changed her perspective on life.

Books (and plants) are probably the two things Coral loves most about Viva Paso and she puts a lot of thought into the curated selection of books we sell in our shop. When we moved to Paso Robles about five years ago one of the things we missed the most about SLO was the bookstore, which we lived, literally, one block away from. When we got the idea to start Viva Paso it was after living here for a couple of years. It was more than enough time to find a gap that we thought needed filling. Granted, we are not Barnes & Noble, nor do we want to be, BUT we love having a venue to showcase books that we think are great, inspiring, or life changing and having the opportunity to share them with you has been really awesome. 

Next time you're looking for a good book come on by and we'll be happy to help you out. 

We hope you enjoy the video! If you're on YouTube a lot be sure to subscribe so you don't miss future Book Talks. 

See you next time!
- Viva

P.S. - If you'd like to see our current book selection please look here.
P.S.S. - Down And Out In Paris And London is available right here.

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