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Shoutout To Red Scooter Deli In Downtown Paso Robles

downtown paso robles shoutout

Man oh man...if you have not tried the s'more latte at Red Scooter Deli yet we highly suggest it. Jeff has a major sweet tooth and can't get enough of these things. 

We've had it hot, iced, and blended. Our favorite is probably iced with blended coming in at a very close second place. It's also a gazillion degrees in Paso Robles right now, so we might switch to the hot version come winter time. 

This tasty concoction is made with espresso, dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow syrup, and it's topped with marshmallow's and crumbled graham cracker. I mean,'s amazing.

Check them out next time you're downtown. Their sandwiches are fantastic and we have never been disappointed with anything from their menu. Favorite sando, you ask? The Italian Scooter. 

Drink up!
- Viva

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