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Llama Squad

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When we spontaneously added a few llamas to one of our stuffed animal orders a few months ago, we had no idea what we were in for. Those first llamas sold out immediately. We ordered more, and they sold out again. And again, and again. Here's the takeaway... PEOPLE LOVE LLAMAS.

We've slowly added more snuggly camelidae to each order, and now... well - we've created something of a llama gang! They're soft, free-standing, and their little faces are imbued with so much personality. I'd say the ration of llamas toys bought for children vs. those bought for adults, is roughly half and half. Again, not something we could have anticipated. Take a look at these cuties, and if you're suffering from an absence of llama in your life - we've got the cure. 

Come by the shop to see all the llamas in person or take a look at them online.

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