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Live Work Love Episode 11: The Margarita Episode

live work love podcast


We know...we are not the most frequent bloggers. We're just so busy running the shop and being a taxi service to our three kids that this blog gets pushed to the back burner. We apologize and hope to be better bloggers in the future. Anyway...

This episode of Live Work Love was recorded back in August and we forgot to share it with you.  Here's a description written in the third person because it makes us sound way more fancy than we really are.

Jeff and Coral are presented with a very rare and exciting opportunity. All the kids are gone for the night and they have the house to themselves. What will they do with with this amazing gift? Do they go out for a fancy date night? See a show? No. They stay home, make enchiladas, drink margaritas and talk about everything from vigilante justice that involves somebody's hand and a garbage disposal, gender neutral bathrooms, their first drunken experiences, high school house party keggers hosted by Jeff's sister, turning 40 and we can't even remember what else.


To listen on iTunes click here.
If you are anti-iTunes you can stream or download from Jeff's site right here.

We hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening!
- Jeff & Coral

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