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Treats - Moloa'a Bay Cacao Nibs, 2oz

$ 8.00
2 oz. package

Moloa'a Bay Cacao Nibs are 100% pure Kaua'i chocolate grown on the North Shore on a family farm overlooking Moloa'a Bay. The cacao is handpicked, fermented, dried and roasted. The husks of the cacao beans are removed to reveal the crushed pieces of bean (nibs). The nibs have a tangy intense chocolate flavor.

No sugar is added, so its a healthy way to enjoy chocolate. 

Tasty ideas for roasted cacao nibs:
- Sprinkle on top of ice cream or yogurt
- Blend into smoothies
- Add to coffee grounds and brew as usual
- Steep overnight in your milk of choice to make a cold brew chocolate milk
- Mix into granola or your special blend of trail mix

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