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Stool - Magino

$ 200.00

The acrylic Magino Stool is perfect as a nightstand, end table or stool with its integrated storage to hold magazines, books or records. Its curved legs and transparent body makes for a chic and simple versatile piece of furniture. Measuring, 16½ x 17 x 11½” (42 x 43 x 29 cm) it functions as a stool, side table and a magazine rack, without taking up tons of space. The acrylic is thick at 13 mm, lending to Magino's graphic lines and durability (this piece is shatter-proof). Put the finishing touches on your space with this eye-catching piece of furniture.

  • Highly Versatile: Functions as a magazine rack, stool or side table
  • Works Well In Small Spaces: Magino’s clear acrylic material and dimensions means it doesn’t take up a lot of visual space or square footage, and does not appear heavy in a room and is not a large piece of furniture
  • Thick and Durable: Magino measures 16 ½ x 17 x 11 ½ inches and the acrylic is 13 mm thick, giving it lines that are prominent and eye-catching, while maintaining a durable product that is shatter resistant

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