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Coffee - Moloa'a Bay Camp Coffee, Natural Process

Coffee - Moloa'a Bay Camp Coffee, Natural Process

$ 8.50

2 oz. package, ground

Kaua'i District winner of the 8th Annual Statewide Cupping Competition by Hawai'i Coffee Association!*

A customer favorite, Moloa'a Camp Coffee (Typica variety) is made using a process often called natural process, or dry-processed coffee. This labor intensive process is the oldest method of processing coffee, and is a deceptively simple process. Simply stated, after hand picking the ripe Typica coffee cherries, they are laid out and raked through continually for 6-7 days. During this time, the bright red coffee cherries dry out, shrink, harden, and darken in color. This allows some of the taste and sugar from the fruit to infuse into the coffee cherry, which results in a coffee described as:

"A vibrant, sweet, fruity, winey coffee with notes of raspberry, cherry, cinnamon, and brown sugar complimented by soft lingering tones of cocoa powder and peanut."

During the drying process, the cherries can easily remain too wet in the humid Kaua'i climate, and result in a bad batch. To avoid this, very small batches are made at a time paying close attention to the moisture content. Once dry, the beans are stored. When they are ready to roast, the skin is removed to reveal the green bean underneath. The beans are finished to a medium roast. 

We are pleased to share this award winning coffee with you!

*Previously awarded in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013


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