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Jeff Claassen - South Western Fluffle

$ 150.00

"South Western Fluffle" 
approx. 17.25" x 21.5" - mixed media on wood, signed on the back.

Fluffle: A group of rabbits or hares is often called a fluffle.

Sidenote #1: Jeff thinks bunnies are awesome. He has two pet bunnies that live in his house. They are named Pascal and Honey Flower and they're freaking adorable.

Sidenote #2: This piece is a new art making method for Jeff. The bunnies are a poster that's been adhered to the wood panel, the same way a street artist "wheatpastes" posters on walls. Jeff says, "I love this raw street art look. After the poster is on the wood I add the fun drippy paint and splatters. After that I paint the edges black and cover the surface with a thick layer of clear plastic resin. The resin coating provides a protective high gloss finish. It basically looks like a yummy piece of shiny candy."

This is a one of a kind mixed media art piece on wood. It is a very thick panel and sticks off the wall 1.5", which I think looks really super duper fancy.

Wire has been attached to the back so this is ready to hang right out of the package.


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