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Book - Segun Venga El Juego By Joan Didion

Book - Segun Venga El Juego By Joan Didion

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From the author of The Year of Magical Thought , a disturbing novel about the reality of being a woman. A classic of American literature.

At thirty, Maria Wyeth is emotionally adrift and oblivious to everything that surrounds her. Her acting career has been limited to roles in third-rate films and has always lived in the shadow of her husband, a renowned Hollywood director who has never allowed her to make her own decisions regarding her four-year-old daughter, held in a medical center for children with special needs, nor with regard to their new pregnancy.

With a relentless look and an unmistakable voice, Didion dissects the American society of the late sixties without hesitation, exploring on the one hand the reality of being a woman in a society in which masculine needs have always prevailed and, on the other, capturing the state of mind of an entire generation that lives under the guile of appearances, amorality, the consequences of extreme liberalism and the generalized boredom of the contemporary individual.

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