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Wine Art By Jeff Claassen

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Another late night at the studio. I painted two new wine stained pieces and am getting ready to frame them, but I'm too anxious to show them off so to see them framed you'll just have to come into the shop. Oh, who am I kidding...they will probably be on Instagram later in their full framed glory. But still, you should come say hi anyway. Artwork in person is always better.

"Wino Bird"

Both of these pieces are 18" x 24" - ink and wine on paper and will only be available for local pick-up because I don't want to risk the glass breaking during shipping. They are $100 each.

"Drunk Bunny"

This wine stained thing has turned into an ongoing series because back in August I was invited to Tooth & Nail Winery for a live painting event. I thought it made sense to incorporate wine, so a couple of nights before the event I poured and splattered wine over 20 pieces of paper. The day of the event I got through about 6 of those papers. So yeah, I have a lot left over and I'm not about to let all those beautiful splatters and puddles of wine go to waste. 

I hope you enjoy them!

See ya!
- Jeff

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